Ding dong the…

Well, okay, there is no witch and certainly no dead witch.  However, I did manage to live through a day I had been anticipating for about a year, the biggest conference talk I have ever done in front of the scariest and most intimidating audience I have ever had to stand up in front of.  It appears as though it was not WOMBAT since the feedback has been pleasant.  And most importantly, I made it through.  Anything that doesn’t kill you…  Funny thing is that now, having gotten through that, I am having a really hard time getting on with doing anything else, I feel like I deserve a big vacation and not a big deadline tomorrow…  And I can say that it does not even seem to be registering that I am in the US since I am stuck in a closed conference site with all the catering and accommodations included, and a large EU contingent represented.  I could be anywhere.


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