Movies need popcorn

I was appalled by the suggestion this week that movie theatres in Britain were considering eliminating the most important part of the movie: the popcorn. I go to the movies only occasionally–the SATC show was one, Once was another–and I admit that I still seek out an American food flavor when I go. The Brits may have the whole melted butter thing as a no-show, but still, how could I go to a movie without the popcorn? This is my snack, my theatre indulgence. I don’t want to hear “salty or sweet” — which just shows that the Brits are missing the point. And the point is butter. Or butter-flavored oil. We want this. We will pay 10 bucks for the ticket, just give us the opportunity to buy actual popcorn with real fake butter….


One response to “Movies need popcorn

  1. I agree 100%!


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