Tacos as foreign food

At my grocery store today, there was a big display of taco ingredients.  Shells, although not a geometry with which I was familiar–more like little trays of food.  Jars of jalapeno peppers and salsa.  The shells I found today are actually packaged with taco seasoning and salsa to help educate the Brits about what to do with Mexican food–add “mince” and “condiments”.  I love this, of course, because I know how good tacos can be and I miss them greatly.  If international foods continue to infiltrate the local consciousness, I see nothing but goodness for British cuisine.


3 responses to “Tacos as foreign food

  1. There’s hope for the Brits yet — the ubiquity of Chicken Tikka butties speaks well of their ability to incorporate spices into their diets.

    If tacos do catch on in the UK, however, be sure to brace yourself for the, er, Anglo pronunciation. Guaranteed, it will rhyme with “wacko”.

  2. I had to laugh at Jen’s comment. I’m STILL having trouble getting my John to say tAAAAHHHHHco rather than the version which rhymes with wacko!

    We buy the kits but chuck the seasonings – replacing them with our favorites sent by friends & relatives in Texas and New Mexico. Believe it or not, one of my favorites is the basic, economy taco seasoning packets from Walmart!

    And we use taco holders that I brought with me when I moved here. They fascinate John’s relatives – as does my burger press!


  3. Tacos are a bit spicy for my delicate constitution, I admit- I could ghet along fine without them. At least they have a lot of pizza in the UK. But someone explain why I couldn’t find fudge ice cream topping in Sainsbury’s, why Cadbury’s owns Dr. Pepper but the diet soda is nearly impossible to find, and why no one ever has ice?

    Must be global warming in the UK.

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