Our state fair is a great state fair

I’m here in Minnesota, where the weather is spectacular and home is where the heart is. I got in Saturday night after a long two-stage voyage, London to the east coast and then on to Minnesota. Yesterday was, of course, the reason (excuse) for coming, the Minnesota state fair with my family. It was such a nice day, a few other people decided to go to the fair as well:

We enjoyed the local culture:

Ate lots of healthy food:

We saw some really high-brow “only in the midwest” art:

As a good reminder of my plans to not have children, we saw a 135 lb. calf come into the world, where the vets had ropes tied around its legs as they tried to drag the calf out of the mother by force. The result was:

There were plenty of things that the English palate would find unusual:

Overall, the day was a great example of:

3 responses to “Our state fair is a great state fair

  1. What, no prize-winning Scandinavian baked goods? That last sign now seems particularly apt, given my exciting Minn-Mex burrito with the wild rice! I’m not sure I’d eat that anywhere but the fair, though.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing such a personal piece of Americana with us! It looks like SO much fun!!!

    Have a terrific time back home, won’t you?


  3. The thing to remember about the photographs is that the French Fries stand, based on the florid sign, looks like some carnival ptomaine palace, or like “fast food”.

    Not at all. The french fries sold at the Minnesota State Fair are the best quality in the world. They bring in 20 lb or 50 lb sacks of fresh potatoes (roughly 10 or 24 KG for you benighted metric types), wash them, slice them up, and flash fry them in very hot oil. Unlike every restaurant of any type, nothing at all frozen. Delicious- you could make a meal of them. Forget “alligator on a stick”.

    I think that some restaurant ought to consider serving fresh food like that. They’d have great business.

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