The Walker, Puck and Target

Today was the day I got to go to the new Wolfgang Puck Restaurant in Minneapolis with my beautiful and talented sister. We arrived at the Walker Art Center slightly early for our reservation at 20*21 so had time to get our gallery tickets and wander a bit before lunch. Our lunch seats on the window overlooking the city were great, the food was amazing and the amusing East-meets-Midwest cocktails (Sake with Minnesota’s own Prairie Vodka served in a martini glass with cucumber shavings) added to the experience. We tried to get into the art, but I’d have to say after my awesome experience at Boston’s ICA a few weeks ago, I saw nothing in either the visiting or permanent collections that left me excited. The building itself was more interesting than the art contained within:

It is, however, slightly disconcerting to see that this parking garage:

is all that remains on the site of the former Guthrie Theater, site of many childhood field trips (as sis and I were discussing today):

Having dismissed the art INSIDE the Walker, we walked out into the Sculpture Gardens where there is plenty of dependable, high quality art of the sort I love the most:

not to mention the iconic symbol of Minneapolis:

Thus satisfied with art and food, we headed across the epic footbridge:

into Loring park, my old neighborhood from my first post-divorce apartment:

We decided it was such a nice day, we would keep walking into Downtown, and go in search of Target, water and coffee, not in that order. We found iced lattes at Caribou, bottled water and did indeed have a nice time at Target. I have to admit, though, I bought no Cheez-its since my dear friend with whom I have been staying had acquired some for me prior to my arrival!

The last amusing scene I wanted to share from Downtown Minneapolis is the pub I used to go to when I lived here, far before I had ever stepped foot on English soil. Seeing all the flags in the breeze today gave me a good chuckle and reminded me that although life can be tough, and sometimes can make you sad, enjoy the ride and have a good laugh at the expense of my own younger self, who had no idea what a real English pub was like until I moved to England.

One response to “The Walker, Puck and Target

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