A perfect midwestern day

Today was my last full “day” home in Minneapolis, MN. Tomorrow I fly east for the second half of my ‘holiday’ from both work and UK life. So it had to be today, the perfect Midwestern afternoon, that would send me on my travels feeling good about the trip here (however difficult) and the time spent.

I met my sister for lunch, Korean food in a tiny deli of the sort that you need to be told to go to because otherwise you would never notice it, but when you get there it’s packed. We then headed to our beloved nonagenarian grandmother’s house, where we played two pretty serious games of Scrabble and then did some crafts. Yes, I’m serious. My Gran taught me to crochet when I was about 9, and lately I’ve discovered that you can crochet out of wire and add beads and it starts to resemble jewelry. So me, my sister, and my aunt spent part of our afternoon crocheting bracelets out of colored wire and interesting beads, while Grandma looked on and marveled at the things we were doing. After 5 or so hours hanging out with the family matriarch, I headed back to meet a good friend and her not-quite-3-year-old daughter. I had not seen them in a year (a crime!) we did the thing where you can order pizza over the internet and just hung out with the pizza and a bottle of inexpensive red.

It was nearly a perfect day. My only sad thoughts come with the fact that every time I’m in town I set aside what seems like lots of time to spend with my Grandmother, and every time I’m here I wish I had ten times as much time to just sit around and eat Velveeta grilled cheese sandwiches with her. Nothing is either more midwestern nor more home than a cheese sandwich at the kitchen table with Grandma. And this is why I come “home”.


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