OBX–Life’s a Beach!

Greetings from the beach, I’m at the outer banks of North Carolina where hopefully the approaching hurricane will not hit until my vacation is over! I have been offline by necessity for most of the week–only sporadically can I get the wireless internet working. And frankly, only occasionally have I tried–I’ve mostly been enjoying the beach:

My goal with the beach vacay was to get some sleep (achieved!), get some exercise (in progress!) and maybe pick up a politcally incorrect tan (also in progress!) plus unwind from my constant work burdens (partially successful, due to the lack of email, but one nasty thing did raise it’s head and take some joy out of the last few days) and do things I like, like watching DVDs of Alton Brown from the Food Network (in progress) and read (thus far, my biggest failure). But the best part has been the exercise. I’m going to join a health club and try to get back in shape as soon as I get back home to England–the last few years have really taken their toll. The job stress has not been managed well, and spending ten hours a week in musical pursuits is fun but not very aerobic. So I wanted to use this holiday to jump start my endorphins and get inspired for fitness. Yesterday I did a beach version of a mini- triathlon–biked more than 10 miles, swam in the ocean, and did a 6 mile walk along the beach as it got closer and closer to sunset.

There is a sign in the house I’m renting that says “Paradise Found” and that’s mostly how I feel about the first half of this beach holiday. Now I’ve got to slather on some sun creme and head for the salt water to do some more body-surfing…


2 responses to “OBX–Life’s a Beach!

  1. Envy envy envy…. my dream is to find a place like this with good wireless where I can live every January and February and telecommute my work. There is no reason it wouldn’t be feasible, except that, contrary to the myth that universities are “progressive” and “forward-looking”, universities are actually the most class-conscious, hide-bound, reactionary, 19th century employers except for the few very elite professors. Go work for a Big Oil company, or a military weapons manufacturer, and their human resources are managed consultatively on a pure merit basis- can they make money off of your efforts, and will you do the job well? If the answer is “yes”, you can do anything. At universities, they want a time clock.

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