Outrunning the storm

So we did end up packing the vehicles and leaving the outer banks of NC before this storm called Hanna actually hit. It was not one of those storms that was going to be Andrew- or Katrina-like in its legacy, but since the house rentals in OBX are Saturday to Saturday, and we would have had to be out of the house by 10 this morning, we would have been trying to drive Northwest about the same time that Hanna herself was going NW and given how hard it’s been raining, I’m pretty glad we decided to pack it in yesterday morning. We had sun or clouds for the packing-driving-unpacking chores and now I’m inside warm and dry watching the storm rage outside. I have to start the other packing chores tomorrow since I fly back to the UK on Monday after my two weeks of happy American-ness. Let’s review:

Week 1, Minneapolis. State Fair, Jonny Lang, Summit beer. New glasses and haircut (things I never seem to have time to do when working full time). Target. Sister and Grandmother plus lots of other family. Friends and their kids and dogs. Not a minute to spare.

Week 1/2 border. Moving east for beach prep. Target. Groceries. Laundry.

Week 2, beach (OBX). Swim in ocean, walk on beach. Get more sun than modern women’s magazines would recommend. Stand resolutely behind the idea of a healthy tan and feel no guilt. Beach triathlon. Relaaaaaaaaaaaax. Cook. Eat. Yum.

Week 2/3 border. Prep for the trip ‘home’ to the UK. This is all speculative, now, and the things I hope to do in the next 48-ish hours. Hopefully get in one more good bout of outdoor exercise once Hanna leaves town. Hopefully get to Target one more time. Hopefully find that everything acquired on this trip will fit in my suitcase (doubtful, must arrange back-up plan!) Hopefully continue to relax just a bit more, since on my return to the UK the next three months will be positively brutal with work. This made my ability to relax at the beach so much more important, and I’m feeling pretty good about having really chilled out (or the opposite given the sun and temperatures) for beach week!

One response to “Outrunning the storm

  1. Thanks for the update. Glad you’re ok and outran the storm.

    MAN does your concern about the stuff from Target fitting in your suitcase sound familiar….!

    Have a good trip back to the UK, and I hope your return isn’t too depressing.


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