At least one silver lining

I woke up this morning with my head in a fog–stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing. Classic fall hay-fever has always been a problem for me, and the last few days have been quite taxing in this regard. I realized as I came to consciousness that this might be the one silver lining to my having to leave the US tonight and head back to my other life in England–in England I seem to be allergy-free. So when I think of all the things I have to give up tonight (showers, bathroom electrical outlets, dollars and quarters, Target, American cheese and cheez-its, and of course friends and family) at least I will also be leaving behind the hayfever.

That said, I am feeling pretty ornery about leaving. Part of the problem is not knowing when I’ll be back. See, before the summer started, I had my three summer 2008 US trips all arranged (two for work, this one for play). None of my next work trips take me to the US (Germany, Singapore) and I have compelling reasons to spend some time in other locations when I have time to play (a sister in China, friends in Japan, a friend in Russia and a special surprise coming up). Thus, I truly don’t know when I’ll be back “home” in the US, and it could be that until this time next year there is no obvious slot for a trip. I can plan now to visit the Minnesota State Fair again in August, and I guess if I put that on my calendar now it will be better than nothing. However, I can’t deny that it feels strange to have no more flights booked or dates set for some American down-time. I might just have to sneak in a long-weekend some time…

Regardless, I gave up on the hope of packing everything into my suitcase and have enlisted the aid of a small borrowed tote. I’m checked in for the return flight, have my boarding pass printed, am charging my iPod and cell phones (one each, US and UK) and have the day to soak up the last few bits of Americana before I leave (thanks to Zyrtec, of course!)


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