It’s fall in England!

The other shocking thing about arriving back in the UK from the US yesterday (aside from my dramatic jet lag) was the fact that it is clearly not summer any more here.  I was, of course, just at the beach (NC’s Outer Banks) for a week ‘on holiday’ where it was most definitely still summer.  However, I arrived ‘home’ to find that I needed to dig out my flannel jammies and put an extra blanket on my bed!  This morning I even turned on the electric heater, which always reminds me of Dar Williams and the song Mortal City:

The cold comes though every crack she puts her hand up to
The radiator’s broken, so she has to use electric heat.

That line meant absolutely nothing to me until I moved to the UK, into an apartment with leaky radiators that are only available to be turned on sometimes, and a single back-up electric heater.  Of course, this being England, I have occasionally had to call the electric heater into service in unexpected times, like the dead of summer (first week of August last year, I think it was!) but this time I guess it’s more expected.  It simply is already fall in the UK, it’s the 10th of September and the chill is a comin’.

Now I love, love, love the autumn, it has always been my favorite season.  It never seems quite as dramatic here in England as in the US, though.  Fewer of the maple trees that turn cherry red.  No American football games, less hot chocolate and more strange hot malty drinks.  However, I’m sure there are lots of new ‘jumpers’ in the stores and I can go out in search of plaid and tweed and back-to-school sales this weekend.


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