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I have claimed that no book has helped me more in my adjustment to life in the UK than Kate Fox’s “Watching the English” and I stand by that assessment. However, I do also love to read less scholarly books about travel and relocation, and I just finished a few. I refer the reader back to my favorite travel memoirs, which still stand–these new kids on the block (ha! everything old is new again) are nothing compared with my classics.

  • “Our own piece of Paris” by Ellie Nielson. A mildly amusing tale of an Australian family’s quest to find the perfect apartment in Paris. They have all the money in the world and a quite surreal lifestyle as far as I can tell. Two stars out of four.
  • “La vie Parisienne” by Janelle McCulloch. The book is beautifully produced and seems promising until it’s read. The author is affectatious and irritating at times, but the late chapters on the expat life are some of the truest words I have seen in print on this experience. One and a half stars of four.

The odd thing about both of the above-mentioned books is that the concern Aussies in Paris, which is also the subject of Sarah Turnbull’s “Almost French” from my original list (which are all four stars). What I really need are more wry commentaries on Americans trying to live in the UK, where on earth are they?

2 responses to “Expat Books

  1. You might be interested in my American friend Michael Harling’s book ‘Postcards From Across the Pond’, which is based upon his blog at http://www.lindenwald.com . Mike writes well with subtle Brysonesque good humour about his life in Britain: while some things continue to surprise him, on the whole he appears to love it over here.

  2. I haven’t read it, but there’s Bill Bryson’s Notes on a Small Country.

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