Anyone who knows me will have seen my conversion from a normal human to a Mac Person a few years ago; it was when I was at MIT for a few weeks in 2005 with my Sony Vaio that I discovered exactly how bad my windows machine was doing in terms of combatting intrusion hacks. I bought a Mac laptop when the Vaio started having more premature electrical problems (that machine was adorable but a headache from start to finish–shortest time I’ve had a laptop in my life, although a bad Dell was a close second) and now I run a fully Mac life–computers sync’ed with iPods and the mysterious “cloud” — except the phone. I still have a Blackberry although I love my iPod touch. Regardless, I knew that when I started with the Mac stuff I was unusual, this was the age of the iPod and I got the new laptop as a convert long before I got an iPod. But now I’ve had four, two of which are in the rotation these days. I love having the option to get instant gratification by legally downloading a CD that sounds interesting. And I’m on my second laptop and contemplating a new machine in the office. But today was one of those days where even after years of Mac-ness, I was stunned into silence. My favorite new game: pick the song that matches your mood, and click the new iTunes “genius” playlist button. I could spend hours examining the reasons why the Genius picks songs–it’s not genre, clearly, as in any one genius playlist it’s pretty random. The same artist can show up with a song on several different and seemingy unrelated lists. It’s like hours of entertainment for the geek insomniac set (me). The strange thing is that somehow it works–the mood I’ve been going for has so far been captured every single time. I’m dumbfounded. I used to listen to the same song over and over when in a particular mood, and did not realize that I had several more where that came from! But now I must run, I’m desperate to see what Genius thinks of the Dresden Dolls…


One response to “Genius

  1. Sounds great.

    As a Brit in the Midwest, I’ve been enjoying browsing your blog (you’ll find some comments on old posts). I’ll have to come back and carry on reading. I’m interested to hear your reflections on British life.

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