More English traffic excitement

Further to my previous comments about why I don’t drive in England (Americans drive on the right side of the road so clearly the left side is wrong)… I have had a busy few days, with out of the normal routine tasks that have required some changes to my normal pedestrian ways. Think trains, tubes and taxis. Most exciting in this adventure was the taxi ride that occurred during daylight hours (I don’t know that I noticed much about the night ones). The driver was clearly taking an off-the-beaten-path short-cut through a residential area, presumably to avoid traffic at nearly 5 pm on a weekday. We got to a road that was fundamentally three lanes wide, although on each side of the road cars were parked solidly so there was not room for more than one lane of traffic. The driver turned down this road, and I felt kinda strange since all the parked cars on both sides of the road were pointed at us. Driver did not seem fussed. Now here’s the part I don’t get (and am waiting for a kind English soul to step in and enlighten me…) all of the sudden several cars turned onto this road and there were three cars now in the one driving lane, again pointed right at us. But for reasons that I do *not* understand, the driver got annoyed, said “why did they do that, didn’t they notice we were here?” and the other three cars ALL pulled into driveways to let us pass. Anyone? Some yielding law for single lane roads based on first presence in the street? Or some other more interesting explanation? Inquiring minds want to know.


2 responses to “More English traffic excitement

  1. London has its own rules. Maybe it was that he thought it wasn’t intelligent to pull into the road, having seen a car coming and knowing that one or the other would have to give way (yield). It would have been better to have waited for you to pass and then pull into the road – less trouble for all. But I don’t know – it’s just a guess here.

  2. > (Americans drive on the right side of the road so clearly the left side is wrong)

    British drivers sit on the *right side of the car* so clearly the left side is wrong! 🙂

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