Ever get caught in a click-loop on the internet? Like when you suddenly realize you spent more than an hour on Wikipedia and are nowhere near the page you started from, and can barely recall how you got there? I had one of those today, but it involves another expat blog and the story of how I got there is going to cause me enough mortification to last through the Equinox and beyond.

For many weeks and months now, I have read every single wedding announcement in the New York Times. They are published on Sundays and when I wake up on Sunday, this is one of the things I do over coffee. This is, of course, the mortifying confession part. I have no idea why I do this. It started one random week when I was reading the actual news on the and they had a wedding featured on the site as one of the links from the main page. I read the story and then realized, interesting, they have the wedding announcements here. So I read more of them. Then it became a sociological experiment. I encourage anyone who wants to take the piss to actually try this–read them for a few weeks and split the couples into lawyers, doctors and other. It’s quite an interesting experiment. Regardless, now you know my guilty secret and I can go on with my story.

I have never, ever found something in a NYT bridal announcement that led to further investigation until today. It was this announcement: link, may or may not work since NYT is picky about registration and things, but was the wedding notice for Lisa Charo and Alex Bain. People I do not know from Adam and Eve. And the notice had an interesting note about the company owned by the groom which I then googled. I found nothing about the company, but the website of the groom. And from there, the website of the couple’s cat.

Yes, I know. But I love cats. I read icanhascheezburger regularly and send links to friends. And have one of these silly cat images on my desktop at work. So from there, a link to Levys in London, because they have a cat that is apparently ‘friends’ with the cat of the wedding couple.

So now I was on a site of an American couple in London, and I proceeded to read everything on the site, including plenty of amusing stuff that resonated with me as an expat. So I found this site in a strange and crazy way, but was back in familiar territory with something that made me feel less crazy. I am always happy to find sites of American expats commenting on the things that make Britain different.

So what have I learned? One, I spend too much time online in random click-loops, although it’s hard to complain when they have promising results. Two, I waste too much time when I could be working, which is what I did the rest of the day (except for a trip to the gym). Three, I have an irrational affection for the personification of cats. Four, I have a clearly unhealthy interest in the wedding announcements on the NY Times, especially since I have only been to NYC twice ever. Five, I wonder if I should just break down and buy a television since that is a far more sensible way to waste time than this!

6 responses to “click…click…click

  1. haha I found my way here through click click clicking.

  2. Sarah beat me – that’s how I found you as well.

    I guess there are much worse ways to waste time!?!?!?!


  3. Actally, the waste of time you’re on right now is probably more meaningful than most TV programs xD

  4. Yes I do it when I am doing searches for specific things all the time.
    But sometimes you come across the most interesting ideas or stories!

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