Market square

Something that is interesting to an American, one who did not frequent farmers’ markets in the US, is the prevalence of the market square in the UK. Also hard for me to grasp, as a midwesterner, is the concept of a food cart/trailer. While I know this is a major mechanism for selling food, say in Singapore, it’s not been something I was used to. While I have not graduated to buying groceries or ready-to-eat food from outdoor stalls, I love the fact that the fruiterer cart stays in business, and that next to it is a fresh flower stand. I love that fresh flowers are everywhere here, and that they’re more interesting than just roses and other stereotypical things. And yesterday I bought orange flowers for my table, because (a) it’s October and that demands orange flowers, and (b) I try to always keep a fresh bouquet on the table. So while I have not bought food outdoors in the market, I have bought flowers. Frankly, even in the summer when people like to eat outside, I’m not a fan. Probably not unrelated to my obsession with flies in my flat. I see the bugs flying around the food in the market square and lose my appetite. I’m better off in M&S. But hey, the bugs are good for the flowers!


5 responses to “Market square

  1. I thought Haymarket (as in Boston) where fruits and vegetables are sold, was a phenomenon common to most American cities. Actually, farmers markets are on the rise in America as more people are buying local.

  2. Amit, I am from the American suburbs! There was indeed a farmers market in the city, but that was 20 miles from where we lived! We only ever shopped at big box grocery stores when I was growing up.

  3. Yeah, I shopped at the farmer’s market in DC sometimes, but now I buy all my fruits, veggies, grains and tofu from the open air market beneath the second-floor grocery store. The grocery store is for instant noodles, spices, chips and so forth.

    Of course, I am a devoted eater from street-side stalls (in Taiwan night markets especially – that’s some of the best food in the world!!), though I do this less in China due to hygiene concerns. I wouldn’t hesitate in Britain, though. What kinds of ready-made foods are the selling?

  4. When I lived in Philadelphia, food vendors’ trucks, selling mostly Chinese or Philly Cheesesteaks and burgers, would supply lunch to a large proportion of research students and postdocs at UPenn, as there were, for a time at least, no good cafeterias nearby. They were quite popular. Not quite like an English market square, but certainly useful and a business opportunity. Berkeley and SF have nice Farmers’ Markets. As you said, you’ve just lived in the wrong parts of your country to experience them.

  5. I also have found the food carts to be mostly meaty, which I am thus not interested in. Most common is the sausage ones (which really just look like hotdogs)

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