Gourmet Sporks

When I was served food on the Eurostar train this past weekend, I realized that something was quite striking about the place settings. When I opened the packaged cutlery-in-napkin item, getting at least six pieces of flatware in the process, the spoons looked remarkably familiar to me. I then realized why: they had an imprint on them identifying them as “Robert Welch for Eurostar”. From my recollection they looked sort of like this. And why was this familiar to me? Because I had, in fact, splurged on a set of new Robert Welch Radford cutlery on my expativersary. (No one guessed what it was!) When I bought it, I did not know Robert Welch from Adam. I had set about finding a set of fish knives, since I was entertaining the thought of doing some entertaining with a little dinner party, and since I’m a pescetarian living in England it seemed like a nice thing to have. I found the fish knives at John Lewis and was completely infatuated with the weight and balance of them, to the point that I decided to rid myself of the shackles of my fussy flowery (and suited me at the time) wedding gift Oneida flowery flatware (this is not exactly it but similar) and splurge on something that suits me more now, for the sole purpose of my dinner party hosting in the future. And because I like it. I may very well donate the Oneida to a charity shop now that I have gotten used to how nice it is to be independent and buy cutlery outside of a bridal event. And besides, this new line has more items of silverware than I have ever seen–how could an American resist the opportunity to drop almost $50US for a set of 6 matching Robert Welch Radford sporks gift-boxed to match my specialized fish knives and other new cutlery?

7 responses to “Gourmet Sporks

  1. And they sell both US and UK sized teaspoons!

  2. I now have spoons in six different and distinct sizes, which is officially double what my Mom ever had. 🙂 And I like it!

  3. 6 spoons!!!
    Dessert Spoon
    Soup Spoon
    Serving spoon
    long handled teaspoon for getting things out of jars

    Is the 6th your “spork” – or do you have something exotic?

  4. I don’t have the long-handled teaspoons but I do have both espresso spoons and mustard spoons….

  5. Michelle – “flatware”? You’ve not lived abroad quite long enough yet =P

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