Lasagna, a scarf, hat and a mitten, and bread

I’ve been more myself this weekend than any time since I moved to the UK.  I finished a scarf that I was crocheting on Friday, made a hat yesterday, and today made lasagna, a sponge for bread and a mitten to match the scarf and hat.  I have never made mittens before, so that was new, but cooking is something I always used to love to do.  As was crocheting.  Somehow since I’ve been in the UK the things I did back home in the US were distant memories, but this weekend I’ve managed to capture some of my previous hobbies and make creative progress.  I will check in with the results of the second mitten, which may or may not match the first, and with the bread that will get baked tomorrow.  But it is a good sign that I am doing things that I used to love to do, and have not in my UK years spent much time on.

8 responses to “Lasagna, a scarf, hat and a mitten, and bread

  1. “a sponge for bread” – I wonder what that is.

  2. A dilute flour and water mixture with yeast in it–you leave it on the counter for 12-24 hours and then add more water, flour salt and yeast along with any other key ingredients (a bit of oil or butter, perhaps a touch of sugar) and you get a much better bread that if you just try to make the dough up directly! I have a really fantastic “how to make bread” book by a master chef and almost all the recipes start with a sponge.

  3. At first I thought you were saying you crocheted a lasagne too – I was picturing this odd yarn concoction made to look just like the Italian dish, all the while wondering “why??”

    But then, I didn’t know what “a sponge for bread” was either. 0 for 2…

  4. I swear, sponge is a common bread term:

    Crocheted lasagna, now that’s an odd thought!

  5. you go! now for my confession: I knit like a crazy woman but never learned to crochet. so there.

  6. notfromaroundhere wrote:

    > Crocheted lasagna, now that’s an odd thought!

    You haven’t seen the shreddies adverts have you?

  7. Nope, and I have no idea what a “shreddies” is!

  8. “Shreddies is a breakfast cereal sold in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand, produced by Post Cereals and General Mills, consisting of malted squares of inter-woven whole grain wheat.” – so says wikipedia anyway.

    The latest marketing campaign is a running joke that it is “knitted by nanas” – see

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