You’re kidding me?

Last night I got carded for buying a cheese knife. Since the Americans often implement a policy of universal carding I was not too surprised by the concept, although as a thirty something person I have been slightly surprised at the half dozen times I have been refused the sale of a bottle of wine on the basis of my apparently appearing under 18. Since the drinking age is 18 here in England. But last night I was more surprised than usual to be asked by a store clerk (of clearly less than 18 years himself) for my ID in order to buy a cheese knife. I am aware of the prevalence of knife crime in the UK, and the fact that this replaces unfortunate gun crime in the US. But it was a cheese knife, curly at the ends. Really, you consider this a deadly weapon and card people in a department store for purchasing it?


2 responses to “You’re kidding me?

  1. That’s ridiculous.

    I didn’t have a clue what “carding” was when I first arrived here. I have never been carded myself – I’m past that age. I saw a sign in Dillons today that said they card up to the age of 27. That seemed very random to me. Why 27? Instinctively, 25 or 30 feels better.

  2. I would say that the apparent youth of the clerk was actually the reason you were carded.

    I’ve noticed that underage assistants always ask for proof-of-age on restricted products. I think it is a common company policy; i.e. to stop under-18s selling items they shouldn’t to their friends and peers.

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