It’s fun when you set down roots

Today was up there in my list of most fun days I’ve had since moving to England. Before I knew how rough this week was going to be, I had made plans with my British gym buddy to not just go to the gym (as we have tried to do more often that it has happened but has actually taken place many recent Saturdays) but also to goof around prior–we had a shopping date. We had a great time shopping, I bought a few outrageous dresses (!) including one I needed (for an upcoming business black-tie event) and one I definitely didn’t need (too risque for a work event but sexy and fun, including matching shoes with a heel that I will have to work on). We grabbed coffee and lunch, and then we did go to the gym and did our workout thing. At some point during all of this she invited me out to a pub night tonight, with her partner and a group of other fun people, and I surprised myself by actually deciding to go. I sometimes am anti-social in my expat existence, and it was hard work for me to commit to the evening but the fun afternoon turned it in favor of yet another outing (and thus a Saturday passing without my having done any work, office- or house-based!) So tonight I was at the pub with a totally international crew of 10, which happened to include three of us Americans (of which I had never met the other two before), an Aussie, three continental Europeans and the remaining three Brits. And it was an absolute blast. Tomorrow I will pay for this, with both housework (laundry and dishes especially!) and work work to do. But I would not take back any part of my day–it was truly fun and a reminder that when you set down roots, you are likely to eventually make friends and to find your life to have an element of fun that it would not have if you were not flexible, not willing to stop working for a bit and enjoy life, and certainly not willing to try and set down roots in the new country in which your life is based. In moments like these I feel as though I am actually living here in England, not just working.


3 responses to “It’s fun when you set down roots

  1. I’m so pleased. Feelings of being settled do fluctuate – a bad day can really bring you down, but then just one good day can raise you up again. So glad you are having a good week-end. Forget the housework – it’ll get done.

    Thanks for your comment, btw. I think you’d enjoy the movie.

  2. PS Have added you to my blogroll – should have done that before.

  3. Glad to hear it was such a fun day! I used to tend to say “No” (thinking “I can’t be arsed”) and make excuses for not going when I was invited out until I finally realized that when I was feeling antisocial was usually when I most needed to get out. The summer I really made the effort to do that was when I met my Darling Husband!

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