How the time flies…

First of all, I totally blame cupcake for my current yarn obsession. Now I have an account on Ravelry where I’ve put the scarf and mitten images. And as I considered how to best make a cute cord for my mittens (which I have not worn yet because I’m so scared I will lose them!) I had one of those strange flashbacks to my childhood. I recalled knowing how to do some sort of yarn-weavy thing on my fingers and that it made cool 3-D cords that would be perfect for this application. It took several attempts on Google before I figured it out, but AHA! It’s “finger-knitting” and something that people teach to primary school children (which I was once, but 25 odd years ago…) I followed the nice blogger’s instructions and discovered that, yes, this was what I was looking for, and so there we have it. Next time I sit down to watch a movie I will make my mitten cord.

That said, I doubt I will be doing this in the next few days. I’ve been remarkably quiet in the last few days, trying to work hard and get ahead so I could enjoy what is starting tomorrow: my very best friend from the US, who I’ve known literally 20 years since Junior high, is coming to visit. She is the person with whom I still have something in common–neither of us are married with small children, which makes us the odd ducks of our graduating class. She is a lawyer and thus equally busy with her career as I am. And we have found that being in our thirties and single and child-free comes with a certain interesting pile of disposable income. So she’s heading here for a long weekend, due to arrive tomorrow morning. I’ve been cleaning up tonight and getting things organized so my cluttered apartment looks a little better than it has been the last few busy weeks. She’ll still grimace at the clutter, being far more minimalist than I am, but she will have no idea how much it has improved! Obviously I have to work the next few days still, but hopefully the ridiculous hours I’ve put in so far this week will mean that this can be kept to a more normal minimum level. I get to show her my little corner of the world for the next few days and I cannot wait. It’s amazing how much fun it is to entertain visitors from home! She should be here in twelve hours, “touch wood” (which is the British far more gentle equivalent of the American “knock on wood”).

3 responses to “How the time flies…

  1. Have a great time with your visitor!

  2. Have enjoyed reading your blog – it’s interesting to see things from a different perspective (I’m a British expat living in California, one who has readily embraced Target!!!).

    I liked your list of 10 things to love about England – maybe you could add #11, yarn/wool is about half the price – or maybe it’s just criminally expensive in CA!

  3. hey now. no blaming. playing with yarn is theraputic, and good for you and good for your friends (who get the stuff as gifts when you just don’t know what you’re going to do with ANOTHER hat.)

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