Heading towards skinny jeans

Friday, since I had the day mostly clear of work meetings due to my visitor, and since she was sick and sleeping, I headed to the gym in the morning and had my first major victory. From my last measured weight to where I am now, I’ve lost 3.5 kg or nearly 8 lbs. (Or just over half a stone for any Brits reading this.) Given the fact that my last measured weight occurred a few months before I joined the gym in Sept., at the infamous NHS visit in May, I’ve probably lost a bit more than that. I should have weighed myself when I joined the gym, but at that point I really didn’t want to know! I’m back wearing several things (jeans and trousers especially) that I used to wear but had gotten too big for, or wearing for the first time things that I had bought without trying on and then discovered they didn’t fit. Certainly I’m down one jeans size from my worst over the summer. I pulled my “skinny jeans” out of the closet tonight post-bath post-workout and I’m not there yet, but I’m getting there. Another month or two, maybe? With Christmas I can see that progress may be slowed, but I’m quite pleased that progress has been so good given the whole chaotic-busy-at-work thing. So far, I’ve managed to do the thing where you join a gym and actually go regularly. And the best part is that unlike work, if you put in the time at the gym, you will get results. No politics, no maneuvering, no unexpected failures due to circumstances beyond your control. Calories burned is proportional to time spent working out and level of sweat produced during that time. And I’m loving the results! Hopefully my blood pressure is also coming down…

4 responses to “Heading towards skinny jeans

  1. Congratulations! All my skinny jeans are in the basement and destined to stay there for a while! This afternoon I pulled out all of the stuff in my closet that doesn’t fit any more, so that can go to the basement too. I am NOT going to buy any new clothes. Hopefully the frustration of knowing I have TONS of clothes in the basement that I could wear if I weighed just a little less will maintain my motivation to lose weight!

  2. This is wonderful! Congrats!

  3. Well, I got so bad this summer that I *had* to buy new trousers both for work and jeans for relaxing, but thank goodness there’s now forward progress and I only bought a few pairs. Now when I wear the “fat pants” I feel so good that they are so loose…

  4. How is life worth living without cheese?

    My problem is that I love to sit in the recliner every night after a long day at work and nibble on crunchy snack things. I am somewhat being cured of that by the dog, who is so irritating has he barks to beg that I put the crisps bag away just to get some peace.

    But there certainly are some things I refuse to live without.

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