American Dairy

I had another expat shock today when I decided that, craving pancakes, I needed to make them. Part of my recent obsession with baking. I opened up my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook from the states (a wedding shower gift more than 13 years ago and more convenient than the Joy of Cooking due to its ring binder-lay flat-ness)and realized that I had never seen buttermilk in the UK. Add this to my list of things that are not here, including half-and-half for coffee and American cheeses. I can buy single cream, double cream and even, now that it’s near Christmas, brandy-flavored cream, but there are other things that I can’t get here and would use if I could.

10 responses to “American Dairy

  1. Check Sainsbury’s….they should have it. It is normally about 55 p for a cup of buttermilk.
    Otherwise, you can always make it on your own by using one cup of milk and adding one tablespoon of vinegar to it – and then letting it sit for 10 minutes so it curdles. Good luck!

  2. That’s how they make buttermilk? Oof. And NFAH has such a ling trip to Sainsbury’s.

  3. I’ve not seen it in my local Sainsbury’s but it is a small shop since it’s quite urban.

  4. You could also substitute lemon juice for the vinegar to make your own. Sometimes my Tesco carries it, but I’ve just got used to making my own.

  5. How do find the butter? That’s very different too. I miss the oily richness of English butter, but if you’re not used to it, it probably seems disgusting.

  6. > Add this to my list of things that are not here, including […] American cheeses

    I am not surprised that what passes for ‘cheese’ in the U.S. finds such a small market over here in Britain!

  7. Geez, Howard, what is the point in being so argumentative all the time? It’s just different tastes. The cheeses here smell so strong I sometimes get nauseous, and I am pretty cultured on sticking with pasteurized things. But I would not criticize the Brits for “what passes as cheese here” but to say that it’s definitely outside of my tastes.

  8. Iota, absolutely–I stick with margarine (which I’m more used to) and did a happy dance the one time I accidentally stumbled on a tub of “I can’t believe it’s not butter”… should have bought three. It’s long gone.

  9. > what is the point in being so argumentative all the time? It’s just different tastes.

    I am sorry you think that I was being argumentative, and I do agree with you that it is a matter of taste, which is why I commented that the lack of impession that American dairy products make on the British market is unsurprising. I have to admit that it is a long time since I tasted Velveeta, Monterey Jack, Colby and such like, and in the future I’d like to make it even longer! 🙂

  10. but. if you can get creme fraiche, then you win.

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