And sometimes being American makes me cringe

For anyone who wishes to accuse me of being overly critical of the Brits and underly so of my fellow countrymen, two news stories of the weekend made me want to hang my American head in shame.

  1. Wal-Mart worker dies in “Black Friday” stampede. Well, at least it wasn’t Target.
  2. NFL star arrested for accidentally shooting himself in the leg at a nightclub. That’s just embarrassing. It combines the worst of several things American: gun culture, celebrity stupidity, overpaid sports stars behaving badly. Sigh.

4 responses to “And sometimes being American makes me cringe

  1. I’ll just keep quiet, on this one.

  2. Well, when the Brits read the Walmart story and ask you exactly what it would take to close down a story on Black Friday, tell them it would take a fatal double shooting.At a toy store.

  3. I truly don’t think you should hang your head about these sad events, NFAH. There is so little connection between the accident of your birth in America and the chance circumstances of the news items you refer to, as to exonerate you from any responsibility. What you cannot reasonably change (or could reasonably have changed) you cannot be accountable for; what you cannot be accountable for you cannot be blamed for; and what you cannot be blamed for you should not be shamed for. I hope you can see the logic in this, and that it makes you feel better!

  4. > (or could reasonably have changed)

    What I meant, of course, was “or could not reasonably have changed”.

    Sorry for poor proof-reading!

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