Shameless plug

This is mostly for people in America, although it is possible to benefit otherwise–see note below on the evils of UK customs.

I have one of those “hadn’t spoken in years until facebook” people in my life who turns out to be quite creative. I ordered a few interesting things from her website — cool screen-printed t-shirts and kitchen towels. I love the hand-made stuff, and I love it even more when someone is brave enough to put their stuff out there to sell. I did it exactly once–I did a photographic exhibition that netted me no money and perhaps negative pride, but I’m foolish enough to have done it once so I’ll probably do it again. In the meantime, let me speak most highly of the little gifts (for self and others) that I got through this site/old friend, although I do confess that UK customs held my things ransom until I paid a five pound import tax so I recommend this as best for shipping within the US! Maybe some day I will again try to sell my wares, crocheted, photographed, or otherwise. For now I have too much job on my plate to contemplate such things but here’s to hoping for the future. And in the meantime, support the local creative types who do have the guts to put it all out there!


One response to “Shameless plug

  1. awe! you’re so sweet! thanks for the shameless plug! I can’t believe that UK customs held your package randsom. I wondered why it took so long!

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