It’s a small world after all

Thanks to the magic of facebook, today I had one of those random “wow the world is tiny” moments. I had a friend request from someone I knew in high school, in fact, a good friend from those days when I was heavily involved with musical theater. We were in a show together, so although we were in different high schools, we were friends throughout the senior high years. I was delighted to accept the “friend request” only to discover that one of my “professional friends” (and fellow expat bloggers) was on his friends list, along with the more expected friends of mine from my high school musical theater days. There was a bit of, “wait a minute, how do YOU know so-and-so” and we’re still working out the details, but it made me laugh. I guess this is the magic of facebook. And it’s pretty good when an American in the UK and a UK girl in America happen to have been friends with the same American in America separated by more than a decade.


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