I had a little soiree for my (work) team in my flat tonight, realizing quite painfully that it had been seven years since the last time I had done such a thing–I like to entertain, so I’m slightly unclear as to how so many years have gone by. I try to justify: in the meantime I had been preoccupied with my divorce, PhD, moving several times, etc. It’s no matter now. Like baking or crocheting, it’s something I like to do but have not done at times when life has made me feel down in the dumps.

I had a great time tonight, I would call the fete a great success and aside from my need to finish cleaning up I have no regrets. It was a wine and cheese party so nothing too taxing, and apparently my cheese selections were not bad. Some were completely gone by the end of the evening, nearly five hours after it started! I did take “before” pictures of my new-and-improved flat as it was set up for the party:



My flat has become almost livable lately, it’s too bad that I have to vacate for the next month because apparently the fire alarms in my building are insufficient and I am not allowed to sleep here over Christmas and for a full month surrounding! I know the Brits are obsessed with fire safety but seriously, this is nuts. ‘Happy early Christmas but don’t come home for a month!’


6 responses to “Par-tay

  1. Wow, it looks great in there! I can’t wait to visit.

    But where are they going to put you for a whole month?

  2. So are they actually going to install a better fire alarm system over Christmas?

    When a new fire alarm was installed in my student halls of residence there seemed to be three sets of builders. The first made lots of noise and dust drilling holes in walls. The second set fed cables through those walls. The third set drank tea and played cribbage.

  3. > the Brits are obsessed by fire safety

    Fact: in 2007 the U.S. had 3,430 deaths by fire; the U.K had 466. Okay, the population of the U.S. is larger, but it is nowhere near 7.4 times larger.

    Obsessed by fire safety precautions? I don’t believe the Brits to be ‘obsessed’ by this any more than anyone is obsessed by anything — you’re exaggerating again, to my mind. But if you were to say they have better fire safety precautions in place than the Americans, I’d have to say that yes indeed, this appears to be born out by the mortality statistics.

  4. good work! love your little flat. love even more that it’s called a flat. so much more fun to say than “apartment.” (also better for rhyme schemes, were you to write a poem about it.) where will you stay for a month?

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