Not so bad in transit

I have been forced to move out of my flat whilst fire-hazard upgrades continue. Today was the first real day of this–I thought it just affected my sleeping patterns, but when I arrived home this evening post-work at about 8 pm, I discovered that the places in my flat which used to house (fire or smoke) alarm units now had bare wires hanging from the ceiling. I packed up a few bags with miscellaneous toiletries and clothes for tomorrow, and headed out to my temporary accommodations. I was delighted to find that my non-permanent digs had a shower, not to mention a single tap with temperature controls on the primary bathroom sink. Sure, I’ve lost my kitchen and washing machine for the foreseeable future, but I’ve gained a bit of almost American-style civilized temporary digs. Of course, I now have hotel-style instant British coffee instead of espresso. But in spite of this, they will have to work hard to pull me back into the land of the bath and the two-tap sinks!


4 responses to “Not so bad in transit

  1. Oh gosh you poor thing… moving out of your flat sounds like such a pain!!
    The fire hazard thing is a bit funny, but I am sure really important– and probably worth it too.

    As for your bath and two taps… I ended up buying a water “mixer” at Argos for mine, just attached on to the tap– well worth it!!

  2. ps Us gals at ‘Shes not from Yorkshire’ love your blog so much we have added you to our Blogroll to help spread the word…

  3. pacificyorkshirebird

    I also get so frustrated with two taps – why must I choose between boiling hot and freezing cold? Every public restroom has a big laminated warning on the wall “Caution – very hot water” well then why not mixing them for a comfortable and cleaner handwashing experience. Enjoy the shower and mixed taps!!

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