Happy Christmas from afar

Regular readers of this blog will notice how atypically quiet it has been in the last week. Having nearly mastered my book project (all but the “outlook and conclusions” chapter) I took off without much warning and certainly without terribly much planning, heading “down under” in the middle of last week to be in Australia for Christmas/New Year. This is the perfect escape from the darkness and the weather of England–the opposite running of the seasons in the southern hemisphere means that the days are long, the light bright, so far the temperatures mild to warm, and thus for someone burned out from the dark, wet and cold, an absolutely gorgeous experience thus far. The trip is brutally long but the destination irresistible. I am just about getting over my jetlag and starting to just get ready to enjoy being here, so far aside from a few photos at the beach I have not been too ambitious about getting out and seeing things. It is slightly disconcerting for a girl from Minnesota, the land of the white Christmas, to see Christmas decorations everywhere, and hear carols playing, when the weather is so warm and there is no sign (or hope) of snow. I have seen such amusing kitsch as pictures of Santa in the sleigh being pulled by 8 kangaroos (with distinctly different names from the Dasher-Dancer set, such as Kylie!) and glittery decorations like dolphins balancing Christmas stars on their noses. Thus far internet access has not been brilliant, but I’ll do my best to update the world on my adventures, perhaps even photographs, if I can get the blasted internet working on my laptop (I’ve borrowed one at the moment, there is some WEP key fault preventing me from using my own). In the meantime, Happy Christmas to all!

3 responses to “Happy Christmas from afar

  1. I think you’re pullin our legs. I think you’re sitting in Britain, feeling cold and damp, and are attempting a blog-prank to cheer yourself up. I’m not fooled.

  2. Hmmm, I am sunburnt and can at least hint at, if not prove, a southern existence.

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