Advance, Australia Fair

Having just returned from nearly 3 weeks down under, and having taken over 1,000 photos with my Nikon D70, I was thinking the easiest way to do this would be with a photo-rich summary and then maybe if I feel like expanding on anecdotes later, I can. It was so strange to have little connectivity for all that time, and no ability to post to the blog. It’s funny how one gets used to habit and routine! Although I really did enjoy the time off, and hopefully it will become clear that I used the time wisely!!!

My base was the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour south of Melbourne. This put me in walking distance to the beach.


Melbourne was also an easy train ride away, again with the station in walking distance at the beach end, and the terminus of the train at the fabulous Flinders Street Station.


That dumps one into Federation Square,

where there are restaurants and museums and easy tram links to the rest of the city, like to other museums.


Crucially, you can also easily reach the MCG,


for a little sporting entertainment.


There was wildlife,



and even some wildlife in their natural habitats.



(Speaking of Shane Warne, the best spin bowler of all time, I also went to see “Shane Warne The Musical!” which was both hilarious and really top-quality in the music and staging.)

There were day trips to hike,


and a memorable time off-roading in the bush … in a Hyundai. Not my idea.


Several such adventures included going to the top of tall things to look at things.



But oh, the beach.




8 responses to “Advance, Australia Fair

  1. Hey, what’s wrong with my Hyundai? 5 on the floor, zippy little sports car for reasonable cost.

    Looks cool, though- gotta see the rest of them. I didn’t realize that you were such a cricket fan.

  2. the sky in those last two photos is incredible!

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