Back “home”

I have returned from my trip to the great southern land, and there will be a long update with photos once I get my act together and figure out what time zone I’m in, why the weather has changed so much in the last 48 hours (from walking on the beach in Australia to snow on the ground in England with only a long ride on an airplane between…) and get my 1000+ photos downloaded. It’s so odd to have taken only my second long-haul trip where the origin or destination was not America in either case… Traveling can be fun, this trip was certainly relaxing (especially given the condition of poor-to-no internet access, meaning I had all the excuses in the world to be NOT working!) but it’s always good to get back “home” and unpack and settle back into “normal” life (not that life in the UK for an American expat is ever really “normal”…)

I hope everyone out there had a great start to 2009, and I’ll get working on those photos and typing up my travel stories!


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