Poppin’ fresh

Crescent rolls
It’s amazing how the stupidest things can make you homesick when you’re least expecting it. Now admittedly I am asking for trouble, in that I keep the “local” setting in Yahoo! news at 55401, which is downtown Minneapolis. But today there was a link to this article in the (now bankrupt) Strib all about how well Pillsbury foods have been doing since the start of the credit crunch. Apparently comfort food–cooked at home–becomes the done thing when the markets are dodgy. The article was full of names of foods that I see almost never now, and in many cases they are things I had a whole style of cooking built around. Veggie pigs in blankets based on crescent rolls. Mini pizzas based on biscuit dough. Pot pies and cheese biscuits based on Bisquick. Not to mention just eating the breadsticks, french loaf, or toaster streudels plain. Very midwestern cooking, very Minnesota, very much the stuff of my childhood and then some. Yes, of course, I can adapt, I can modify the recipes to accommodate the lack of refrigerated pastry dough or boxed biscuit mix, but sometimes you just want the familiar taste of Minnesota. My sister is coming to England shortly, she’s in the states taking a break from China, and while I can ask her to indulge me with some Cheez-its, I fear the refrigerated doughs wouldn’t make the trip. Sigh.

4 responses to “Poppin’ fresh

  1. They’re something I didn’t grow up with so I rarely think to buy them – except for the cinnammon rolls. I was surprised to find how much the Pampered Chef recipes depend on foods like this.

    Thinking – the hold of the plane would keep them cold enough – but of course they would probably explode in her suitcase, so definitely not a good idea!

    Is there an American equivalent to the packets of pre-made flaky pastry you can buy in the UK? We were looking at Christmas time as we wanted some for beef wellington, and couldn’t find any 😦

  2. It’s not just the pampered chef, the whole concept of the Pillsbury Bake Off (and associated recipe books) is to do with the ways to use these things… I swear I never realized they were a specialty item, they were so ubiquitous in my previous midwestern life! I was stunned to arrive in Britain and find no equivalent…

  3. Oh how I miss crescent rolls too! Especially for appetizer recipes that I am finding I cannot make over here….do you have a good substitute?

  4. Just found your blog. I like it!

    And you can find Pillsbury Crescent Rolls at my Tesco just north of London!! They do exist. And Bisquick too…only in a much smaller box.

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