Sister love

Since my sister lives in China, and Monday was Chinese New Year, she is on her holiday break right now, whereas she had to work much of our Christmas holidays. She has been home in Minnesota for a while, but is about to board a plane for a nearly week long visit to the UK, hoorah! I have to admit, I forgot completely that compared with her last two visits, this time she is gainfully employed–I hope she was not too insulted that I had assumed I’d pay for her car-and-driver transport to my place instead of getting it herself! Really, she insisted. It was so cute. And there’s nothing better after the overnight international flight than not having to fight with tubes and trains.

Having visitors here is really good for me. It’s nice to see my life through someone else’s eyes, always makes me appreciate what I have here. It always causes me to clean my flat. And visit interesting restaurants or cook better than I sometimes do when alone and busy/overworked. And hopefully it will also cause me to start going back to the gym, since I know she is keen to see the place. We have our little adventure planned–last time she came it was a day trip to Dublin, this time we’re Eurostar-ing it for a brief visit to Brussels. We had to agree on someplace that neither of us had seen before, and we seem to have a long list of countries that only one of us has been to. I’ve seen Hungary, Italy, Greece (well, Crete). She’s done Norway and Spain. We thought maybe Scotland, but realized that January might not be the best time of year weather-wise, and I have to go there for work in a few weeks already. Since I have that plus Switzerland both on the horizon, this will be three new countries for me in just a few months, so that’s exciting–I’m soon going to switch over to the list of EU countries I have not visited being shorter than the list of places I have seen, albeit briefly in cases.

She promises she’s bringing work to do, which is good since I really can’t stop and laze around with her as much as I would like to, less than a month post-Australia. But it sounds like that will be okay. And really, in the grand scheme of things, is there anything better than having your fellow-expat baby sister floating around your flat when you get home from work? I think not.


3 responses to “Sister love

  1. Have you thought about the Welsh or East Anglian coasts, both are lovely. BTW re your comment at mine today, now I know where you are I am not at all surprised you find them stuffy, snooty and even superior. I did reply to say I think it all comes down to where in a country you are, I would be fine in NYC or LA!

  2. pacificyorkshirebird

    Have a great time with your sister! I like seeing my life through visitors’ eyes too – and I too use it as an excuse to clean my flat when people are coming.

    Your trip to Brussels sounds fun – are you calling it your “Dutch Dash”? I took the P&O Ferry from Hull and everyone used that expression which made me giggle.

  3. Have a great time. Brussels for the week-end sounds great (I lived there for 6 months).

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