I travel too much

Tomorrow I’m heading up to Manchester to give a lecture. I’ve been really on the road too much in the last two weeks, doing the planes (Switzerland), trains (Belgium and tomorrow Manchester) and automobiles (yesterday Reading, west of London) much too much in the last few weeks. When I’m back at ‘home’ in my normal spot in England, north of London, I’m so tired that I’m barely functioning but having to work long hours to make up for all the travel. After putting in long hours on Sunday, Monday and yesterday (including Reading meetings) I got to the point this morning where I found myself physically incapable of getting out of the bed when I knew there was no meetings until 2 pm. Never a good sign when you hit snooze for more than an hour.

Fortunately, Manchester tomorrow to Friday is the last trip I have booked in the next month. I have been terrible about the gym since my return from Australia, and need to get back into that habit. I’ve had things that were meant to be done over Christmas or certainly in the first week back post-holidays that are still hanging over my head. I’m always remarkably deadline-oriented in these spells, and could even appear to be quite productive if one did not look at the details too closely. Deadline things get done, non-deadline things languish.

My flat is a mess, my office is a mess. There are pieces of paper everywhere. Today I had to wire transfer funds into my US bank account with the bonus “priority” charges because I had left it too late relative to my bills in the states. I have no idea where to even start to clean it all up, as so much paper is stashed in piles that need to be sifted through ahead of, say, American taxes deadlines and similar catastrophes. And I desperately need to regain some sort of work-life balance to save me from sitting in front of the computer 24-7.


3 responses to “I travel too much

  1. That made me tired just reading it!

  2. Help! And where does blogging fit into all this?

  3. argh. get thee to a masseuse. that’s an order.

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