The latest in hotel bathrooms?

Staying in Manchester for one night only, I had a hotel room that was honestly the strangest I’ve seen yet. It was definitely all Scandinavian design (read: completely IKEA furnished) but on entering the room it also became clear that I was seeing something new in modular furnishings. There was a little quarter circle cut out of the room for the en-suite bathroom, and that this had been placed into the room as a completely pre-fab unit, even requiring a step up at the entrance:



(Sorry for blurry iPhone pic, still getting used to this thing!)

It was fine, there were nice mixer taps and a shower, so there was nothing wrong with it except for the fact that it had not been plumbed in very well, such that every flush of the loo resulted in a loud screeching noise that could be heard from other units as well.


2 responses to “The latest in hotel bathrooms?

  1. hysterical! think of all the places into which you could plumb one of these! you could have loos everywhere!

  2. I love the “en suite” thing. Never heard it in context before my second trip to the UK in 2000, and finally figured out that you finally didn’t have to run down the hall for the plumbing.

    The modular thing looks like a decent idea if they can refine it a bit. Now that they are catching on to the plumbing issue, there is still the matter of closets…..

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