Ah, Heathrow

The conflicting reports continue to come in. Heathrow was named the world’s most annoying airport this week, in a survey relating to passport lines and baggage claims. But a friend flew through there this week and claimed the overall experience to be much improved in the T5 era. Who knows–haven’t been through T5 yet myself. Second and third on the annoyance list were JFK (which I somehow miraculously have never flown into) and LAX. But in good news for we massively evil and polluting types, long haul flights in premium economy may soon join business class in having lie-flat beds, at least on the A380 where bunk beds are being considered. I’m a frequent traveller back to the states, and while I have no issues with the relatively short flight there during the day, the return trip over night does seem to mess me up to the point that I’ve been looking into upgrading my return with miles now that I’ve made it into the silver class on BA. Perhaps I can dream of a day when this will not be the case. Or perhaps the route will never be judged long enough to deserve such luxuries, and I will be forced to live with the lacking night’s sleep for as long as I live on this small island.


2 responses to “Ah, Heathrow

  1. Heathrow the most annoying? I thought Gatwick was much worse, but I’m judging more on the pre-departure experience. It felt like a refugee camp inside a shopping mall. Don’t remember the arrival at Gatwick. I hate the long hallways at Heathrow and the way they call you for your flight with only just enough time to make the 40 minute walk to the gate.

    I remember very long, but orderly, lines at immigration at LAX.

    JFK was confusing – so many people, signage unclear, lots of lost travellers who didn’t speak English and staff who didn’t seem to want to help them.

  2. Good point, I spent my first few UK trips both arriving and departing via Gatwick and it was far more painful than Heathrow in many cases. I wonder if the latest report comes about just because more flights total go through Heathrow compared to Gatwick, so it ends up being numerically more annoying instead of proportionately more annoying?

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