The trouble with expat friends

The trouble with expat friends is that they are more likely than other friends to move to another country! I had dinner last night with one of my favorite “real-life” (as opposed to blog-life) expat friends, who is an EU person living in England, but is about to move to Japan. Yes it’s temporary, yes she’ll be back in the UK after a year or two if things work out according to plan, but it does highlight the issue of being a displaced person who befriends other displaced persons. We are all so mobile, you never know where we might end up next!


2 responses to “The trouble with expat friends

  1. But you never know who might be coming to your town next…

  2. i found this to be a similar problem when i lived in alaska…everyone was just passing through. something about the cold…or the dark…or the…space.

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