Manna from heaven


This amazing gift arrived today from Almost American (a Brit in the US) and it absolutely made my day; nothing is better than a bit of home, especially from a fellow blogger. I have been stunned in the last few months by the sense of community in the expat blogging world; I’m always amused when I comment on a post in the general category of UK/US expat blog exchanges that I read, and I realize that I know several names or handles within the commenters. What a pleasant surprise it has been for me to find that the expat community can be so strong; I have several “facebook friends” within as well as sympathetic voices commenting when I need a little pick-me-up. But let’s face it, four boxes of Cheez-its will last me for several weeks, especially if I ration them like a responsible adult, so I will be reminded for weeks to come of the kindness of not-quite-strangers. To me, cheese-flavored crackers from America truly equates to Manna from Heaven.


9 responses to “Manna from heaven

  1. so awesome! just know that i think of you every time i see cheez-its now. πŸ™‚

  2. Yay! Thanks for letting me know that they arrived OK – I was a little worried customs would find a reason not to let them in!

  3. Cheez-its are delicious and addictive, but I do worry about what all that orange coloring is doing to my gut (but I’m not wanting to spoil your pleasure here). Do we really not have anything equivalent in Britain? I can’t remember…

  4. Iota, the orange coloring as due to paprika! No worries there. And there is absolutely nothing that is even close in Britain, at least not that I have found at my two local marts (M&S and Sainsbury’s)

  5. Ha! That’s a great photo and I can it was a happy moment when you opened the box! I’d say ration three boxes and go to town with the first one. There’s nothing a fist full of Cheez-Its!

  6. sorry, I can imagine it was a happy moment.

  7. Let me know if you have any more American cravings. I live right down the street from an American Air Force Base and can get you whatever your little ex-pat heart desires.

    -Kat (Air Force Wife Living in Suffolk)

  8. OK, Kat, I’m unfamiliar with this concept–do they have a store full of goodies for homesick overseas servicemen? That sounds amazing.

  9. Ah – the PX! As a child, my first ever stroller (MANY moons ago!) came from the PX in Ankara, Turkey! My parents said the Americans they knew there even bought all their water in bottles from the PX, terrified they might be poisoned by the local water.

    I bet Kat can buy petrol on the base at American prices too!

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