Is this what’s holding up the building?

In several places around the interior of my flat are these mysterious button-like objects:


I have no idea what they are. It says “Centuryan Safety Services” on it. Safety from what? If I press the part in the middle, will all fall down? Is this the only thing holding my walls up? What is its purpose?

I find that the style of building construction here, so different from in America, seems to involve lots of mysterious protrusions from buildings. Take this, for example, on the building out the window of my flat:


It’s a pretty hefty hook. Again, I have no idea what it does. Anyone knowledgeable on the mysterious buttons or hooks?


7 responses to “Is this what’s holding up the building?

  1. Step away from that button. DON’T press it whatever you do. You’ll regret it – they’ll be onto you in a flash. Just DON’T press the button.

  2. Hmmm. I was going to say it looks like a servant call button, but it wouldn’t have ‘security’ on it, unless you were talking about body guards. (And it also would only be relevant if your place was over one hundred years old, which it could well be.)

  3. I’m curious too! Update if you ever find out that these do (or don’t do)…

  4. It’s a safety eyebolt.

    “Eyebolts and single point anchors conforming to BS EN 795 are designed to offer the individual fall protection for window cleaning and general maintenance.” –

  5. Xoanwahn, Awesome, thanks so much. Was so completely curious and mystified… 🙂

  6. No problem, lol. Glad I could be of help.

  7. The button thing is provided by kindly Brits for Americans who are hopeless at coping with life abroad. If said Americans become panicky, they can press it and be abducted by aliens from the planet Centurya, and eventually — after being subjected to only a modicum of intrusive experimentation — be teleported back to the States.

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