For four weeks a year, two in the spring and two in the fall, there is a gap where the time difference to the US decreases. The Americans started switching over to Daylight Savings time (or Summer time for the Brits) a few weeks earlier in the spring, and switching back a few weeks later in the fall, in 2007 and it makes for a few great weeks for those of us trying to communicate from across the pond. Although I should have guessed from the fact that the crocuses and now the daffodils are in bloom that spring was upon us, and with that, spring time changes, but it had not occurred to me until I just stumbled on the warning to US people to start planning ahead for this weekend’s switch. Tonight when I was leaving my office at 6:30, I did notice that it was startlingly not dark, for a place that goes to blackness by 4 pm in the depths of December. So from Sunday, only 4 hours difference to the east coast, and 5 hours to Minnesota–hoorah!

2 responses to “Timeless

  1. I need to remember to remind my mom about that.

  2. I messed up, we get THREE weeks of decreased time difference this year, the UK does not jump until the end of March!

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