I know, somewhere deep down in my heart, that my problems are relatively small. Although I blog incessantly about the little annoyances of expat life (along with the great parts too!) they are not real problems in the grand scheme of things. Nothing brings this home more than finding out that one of your high school friends is in a nursing home after having suffered from serious health problems for the last few years, including organ transplants and brain damage. Nothing puts life into perspective better than realizing that, although annoying, your problems really are nothing more than annoyances.

5 responses to “Problems

  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes I think I have a lot of problems, and all I have to do to feel better is to look at a lot of other people to realize how fortunate I am.

    Expat 21

  2. I know the same feeling. I complain about the hot water tap here, but I just found out a couple weeks ago that my uncle has terminal cancer. Perspective.

  3. Yes. Most of us do have so much to be thankful for, and we take it for granted.

  4. Ahh, your post was a breath of fresh air.

  5. yes yes. I have a new game I like to call “first world problems” which I pull out now and again when I get too whiney for even myself.

    [It mostly involves singing a little ditty with the words “first world problems” over and over. It’s quite fun. You too can play.]

    This was all solidified for me when I saw the movie “born into brothels,” and realized that I am fortunate to live a charmed life.

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