And now I’m “taking the piss”

Serious point what has been bothering me for days has been vented, and I’m sure will land some flaming horrid comments that my thin skin will find disturbing. But I persist with blogging and now attempt humour. Headline on today’s Guardian website:

New British Search Engine ‘Could Rival Google’

The best part about this is how the “could rival Google” bit is in quotes–and they’re careful to cite the source as not being them–as though they realize how silly this must sound. I also love how important it is that it’s a British search engine. This I find strangely endearing, in part because it is exactly like the “Minnesota connection” phenomenon. Local newscasters in the Twin Cities can find–and do–find a local connection for any important story, and no matter how tenuous, they hype it on the local evening news as though it was the most critical aspect of the study. Imagine my shock on moving to Britain and discovering that they do the same thing! Oscars? Sod the full list of winners, how did the British actors and movies fare? In both cases it’s driven by the same general phenomenon–reporting stories to the local group (Brits or Minnesotans) and trying to increase the relevance of the story to those local people. And I think it also sort of implies a slight inferiority complex in the case of MN, I’ll not try to judge if that’s true about Britain 😉 Regardless, I read the story and the site from which the quote came, at least for the forseeable future my money’s on Google.


3 responses to “And now I’m “taking the piss”

  1. I’m glad you find it endearing, not irritating.

    I always think it’s a bit sad when the news reports a tragedy abroad, eg a plane crash, and tells us how many British people died. As if the others don’t matter quite so much.

  2. Having read the article — and not just the sub-editor’s headline — I believe the main point of it to be “there may be something to rival Google”. The fact that the company developing it is British seems tangential to the news item. So I am not sure if this is really a very good example of “Minnesota Syndrome”.

  3. A phrase heard in Houston ALL THE TIME – especially on entertainment news – is Houston’s claim to celebs. “Houston’s own” Destiny’s Child. “Houston’s own” Farrah Fawcett. “Houston’s own”…bla bla bla. I never thought about it much before I moved away.


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