Weekend of expat commiseration

My weekend plans include a black-tie dinner, par for the course in this crazy life, but for this one I have a good friend coming from Paris to be my “date,” she is also an American expat friend of mine from my last location in the US and so it will be an interesting and fun experience in expat comparisons on life abroad. I visited her in Paris in October and now it’s time for the return trip–my chance to show off my fabulous life in England to someone who has never been here. It should be great fun. In other news, I went to the gym on Tuesday for the first time in, ummmm, two months–oops! My months of January and February are the busiest of my work year, and this year the gym has really suffered. I intend to get back into the schedule I managed to maintain in September through November, where I was averaging 2.5 visits per week. And yes, that’s a real number because I tracked my progress in a spreadsheet. Blame me, I’m an engineer and I count things. It’s why I’m obsessed with cricket, the best ‘counting and statistics’ sport of all time. Speaking of which, this week has been interesting in cricket, the English were humiliated and the Aussies have done well, which is interesting since I saw the Aussies at their worst in Australia at the Boxing Day test. I was feeling quite down ahead of this year’s “Ashes” series (which is the regular grudge match between the English and the Aussies) but now as an Aussie fan I’m gaining confidence. Yes, this post has been a pretty random round-up of topics, but that’s where my life is now. Off to Glasgow on Tuesday for nearly a week of conferencing, then a pretty clear week home in England in which I’ve managed to avoid yet another trip by deputizing someone to go to Switzerland in my place–hoorah for the person who travels too much.


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