What a weekend!

My very favorite American expat in Paris was here in England for the first time this weekend. I had a black-tie event to attend, and she came over as my date/guest and we had such fun but so little sleep. It was not even 48 hours total for her visit her in my English town, and we did not do much sight-seeing but a lot of commiserating. I was there visiting her in Paris in October and had a similar experience as concerns sleep deprivation, but also the comfortable sense of home that comes from being around someone who understands you, and understands your “expat abroad in Europe” experience. (Hooray Eurostar!) And she is braver than I am, she moved to Paris without speaking French! My troubles dealing with the conversion from American to British English just pale in comparison. But this is why I’ve been quiet the last few days, I’ve been reveling in having a friend around who understands what it’s like to move countries and feel so uncomfortable so much of the time, and we feel so comfortable when we get the chance to talk and realize that the experience is more about being “expats” than about which particular country we’ve landed in (language aside).


One response to “What a weekend!

  1. It is weird because I am not technically an ex-pat (at least I don’t think so because I have been sent here by the military) but I know what you are talking about. I have my ups and downs living here in England, but I love it all in the same breath.

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