Taking off on a fast train…

That’s right, I’m heading up to Glasgow today, my first ever trip to Scotland. I am going to be attending a research conference and will have a reasonably peaceful (I hope!) 5 nights enjoying the sites and trying to understand Glaswegian. It’s funny when your regular work days get so congested with meetings and interruptions that you start to look forward to business travel…

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a dinner party in honor of a visiting American, hosted by some of the locals. This was only my third time being allowed inside the inner sanctum of a British household, and in all cases the dinner party etiquette has blown me away. I don’t think I ever had more than two courses of food at a party I threw in the states, and I certainly didn’t have a cheese platter at the end. The party was great fun, and now I’m off to finish packing and head out on the latest adventure. I’m hoping that the hotel internet access will be good–they advertise having a “fitness center” even–so with any luck I will be spending a rather civilized time in my Glasgow digs.


One response to “Taking off on a fast train…

  1. Have a great time!!

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