On my move to Britain

Being at a conference in Glasgow, I’ve run across a number of Americans who have asked me why I moved to Britain. Tonight, after a long day of

  • Wandering into Glasgow’s west side to have lunch with a friend who I know from the south of England but who is home in Glasgow at the moment,
  • Walking everywhere, to the point that my legs ache from the hills and the walking,
  • Engaging in technical discussions that reminded me why I’m in this business,
  • Having dinner with a mixed group of nationalities, served by Indian waiters at Mister Singh’s wearing kilts
  • Standing on the Quayside looking at the Squinty bridge listening to the sound of the night-time water lapping against the banks of the river Clyde

Suddenly I remember and it’s easy to see. And it fits, ironically enough, into lyrics from Sugarland, who I saw last night:

There’s gotta be something more,
Gotta be more than this,
I need a little less hard time,
I need a little more bliss,
I’m gonna take my chances,
Takin’ a chance I might,
Find what i’m lookin for,
Theres gotta be something more

Clearly I thought–still think–that there was more to life for me than a life that never left the midwestern US. My wanderlust brought me here to Europe, and this week, in Glasgow, my wanderlust is being rewarded.


2 responses to “On my move to Britain

  1. > my wanderlust is being rewarded

    Oh bless you, NFAH!

    Your friend,

  2. Ooh good for you. Glasgow’s come a long way in recent decades, as have many old cities in the UK.

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