Last night in Glasgow

It’s been a good week (almost) in Glasgow but tomorrow I head home. I had a great trip, I spent most of my week here:


This is the SECC, or the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center. (Centre) It’s a fabulous venue, I’ve been to conferences in many places that did not boast the convenience factor of this location. Inside it had a convenience store, a coffee shop, several bars, restaurants, it was magnificent. And my hotel was in walking distance, as in easy 5-minute across the parking lot walking distance, and I got the view of this on the way:


An original crane from Glasgow’s heyday as a shipbuilding center, which is being preserved as a monument to the city’s engineering heritage. Fantastic stuff. I also had the “squinty bridge” out my hotel window, here in daylight:


(That’s my hotel between the bridge and the crane!) and in my previous post at night in its red phase (where the total spectrum ranges from red to blue via purple). I have not taken enough pictures of that, but hey, I’ve been working! My evenings were all about dinners out to schmooze with the locals and the conference attendees. But I just looked out my window and saw this:


This makes me remember why travelling for work is still fun. I may not get out into the country-side when I travel like this, but I get to see interesting cities, interesting architecture and lots of places. I was just disappointed this trip that the Glasgow Tower (literally across from my hotel) was still shut for the winter and I did not get the panoramic views.

2 responses to “Last night in Glasgow

  1. unexpectedtraveller

    Hey – I totally agree with your views on travelling and like you have just started to realise the benefits of travelling for work.

    I enjoy reading your blog as I used to live in the UK in the late 90s (in Suffolk – further east – though) and I can identify with a lot of what you say.

    Have you caught up with the pub culture yet?

    U T

  2. Hey hey
    Loved your pics as I used to live in Glasgow too. I loved how the Scots could banter with the best of them. Yes, thinking about it living in York, that is what I miss the most about that lovely city…. oh and the “tube”.

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