Danny Schmidt, singer-songwriter

One of the legacies of the one year I spent in Virginia before moving to the UK is a role as an enthusiastic supporter of a singer-songwriter named Danny Schmidt. The story of how this came to be is nothing short of bizarre: new in town, I was invited to go to the concert by my new boss along with his wife and some friends–those who know how the year unfurled will appreciate that this was the one and only time we ever interacted socially! The concert was Danny Schmidt at some tiny coffee house in the middle of nowhere, and I was absolutely mesmerized. Have a look and see if you agree:

I bought two CDs that night, and two more since, the latest one of which was just released, called “Instead the Forest Rose to Sing”–it’s available on iTunes and I cannot recommend it more highly.

Why am I writing this? No, I am not being paid by this guy to do publicity šŸ™‚ I always find it interesting when you discover some rather un-famous but extremely talented musician, it makes me want to just shout it from the rooftops. It’s not like I’m not a fan of big name artists–after all, that year in Virginia was also when I saw Vince Gill for the first time, and the Violent Femmes (who the Brits seem to have never heard of, I’ve discovered!). But the smaller ones somehow need the fanbase to be mobilized and organized… so Danny Schmidt is one of my Facebook Friends, I get the email lists, will try to check him out when he has concert dates in the UK, and I’d absolutely love it if even just one more person discovered this unique talent through my shameless but heart-felt promotion by blogging about him. Any time you go to a show and see several hours of just a guy with a guitar and you leave with that sense of wonder, it’s worth the price of the ticket and worth passing along to anyone who might be listening.


2 responses to “Danny Schmidt, singer-songwriter

  1. I adore Danny Schmidt! I saw him a couple years ago when I was in DC on business. He was wonderful and my husband and I have been keeping tabs on him since we saw him. I didn’t know he was on FB, I might have to check that out, thanks!

  2. You have an award over at my place.

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