Can’t he just Skype like the rest of us?

The stories about Obama’s entourage for the G20 summit in London read like the anti-environmentalist diary: I had no idea they brought the presidential limo overseas. Apparently Obama travels with his medical staff, back-up blood, the helicopter, and the military guy that knows the nuclear codes. I have no idea if the process is typical–I’m not sure we all followed Bush’s movements around the planet with such thirst for knowledge. But aside from my joking comment about the environmental impact of all of this, my serious question concerns cost. The presidential election and now the presidential operations seem to be associated with a huge amount of expense. Now admittedly the London G20 summit is supposed to be associated with improving the economy, but it does make one wonder if the business of running a country in the modern era isn’t neglecting the usefulness of the technology we’ve developed in the last decades. Surely the Blackberry president would be safer (and spare taxpayers the expense of traveling with such an entourage) by using Skype sometimes???

3 responses to “Can’t he just Skype like the rest of us?

  1. Is all of this really necessary? I mean, the article mentions chefs and doctors. Aren’t there chefs catering the meeting? I’m sure if he got sick, the NHS would make an exception and treat him even if he’s not an EU citizen. How much is this costing tax payers?

  2. Skype? With all the hacking and illegal wire-tapping that goes on over here? Ooh no.

  3. I guess that the travel budget looks pretty modest when set against the total cost of government. It depends on perspective.

    And what about gas prices? It may well have been worth bringing the Beast over with a full tank. The British Government are probably footing the bill to save on Government cars (all that gas and drivers’ over-time too).

    I like Expat Mum’s idea of hacking into Obama’s Skype calls, though. I mean, anything could happen. One minute I could be dialling Granny and Grandad so that the kids can have their weekly chat, and the next minute, my daughter could be showing off her new ballet outfit to the President of the United States.

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