Zen and the art of bread baking

My job has big cycles of busy and less busy. Of these, the period of mid- January to mid-March is for some reason absolutely crazy busy for me. Having just made it through that cycle (plus a trip to Glasgow plus a week to recover) I am loving the fact that this week has been quite quiet. I have been taking the time to work on things that interest me, which I often don’t have time to do during the busy work periods. This has, this week, including following up on some of the things I learned about pregnancy in kangaroos in Australia a few months ago! (My job as a bioengineer must seem really random to the outsider!) After two months of never getting to the gym, I have managed exercise a few times a week in each of the last few weeks. And I have been trying to have a life that includes hobbies as well as work. I have been working on my wire and bead crochet project, pictures to come, and baking! I think this is a new record for me with loaves, I’m finally having the patience to knead for the full length of time and seeing that it really does make a difference!


2 responses to “Zen and the art of bread baking

  1. That looks a fabulous loaf, NFAH! I particularly like the way you’ve scored the top of it.

    There’s nothing quite so satisfying as making bread, is there? It’s so ‘elemental’, if you know what I mean!

  2. That looks so yummy. My friend here has not yet figured out how to get her famous yeast rolls to rise here. She is perplexed. Apparently something about the moisture in the air here is killing her yeast or something.

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