Reality check

I’ve been a bit quiet this week, the break in the full-on work action has meant that I’ve had time to really think about things. Not that I haven’t been working, mind you, but just not quite in the same way as during the busy times when I’m in meetings non-stop and never have a chance to think about anything (technical or non-technical). The thing is, I’ve been strangely upset by the whole Jade Goody thing. Wait, let me explain, I think it actually makes some sense. I’m not vicariously upset about the death of a TV “reality” star as though I knew her personally. The relatively sudden and dramatic death of someone younger than you is always something to give a girl pause. But this seems to have put my life situation into perspective on another level: were I to get suddenly struck with a horrible cancer and have six months or less to live, I would end up pretty much dying alone in a foreign country that has been more hostile than friendly. By being diagnosed with something, I would have a “pre-existing medical condition” and not be able to get insurance in the US, not to mention the fact that a terminal diagnosis would be associated with no ability to get a job in the US, and of course health insurance goes with the jobs back “home”. Suddenly living abroad, when put into this context, seems not so fun anymore. Especially when I think about this disaster scenario of what would happen if something were to go very wrong with my health. Not something I think about much, being relatively young and healthy and not being a terribly morbid personality, but for some reason I’m stuck on this right now and having a hard time looking ahead. Perhaps this is why it’s actually a good thing that I normally stay too busy with work and don’t have time to think much….

5 responses to “Reality check

  1. No, sweetie, here’s the real reality check: if something were to go horribly wrong with your health, I’d be there so fast that you wouldn’t even have time to consider what to do next. And if you actually – God forbid, I hate to even contemplate this – had a terminal illness, we’d BOTH go wherever you wanted to be, the hell with the money/insurance/jobs/etc. Some things in this world are WAY more important.

  2. As Merry said, I would be there in a second to help you if the need arose. My GPS can get me anywhere in the country, I am convinced of it!

  3. I'm in charge

    Shame on you for thinking that we would abandon you! We are not all hostile natives who don’t care about our foreign minions 😉

  4. so this is the perfect opportunity for me to share some positivity with my american sister. be thankful for your health girl and that you’re experiencing living abroad at this time in your life…ps. you sure can bake up one gorgeous loaf of bread!

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